Budgeting & Forecasting

Rolling Forecasts

The Axiom Software Rolling Forecast solution helps organizations identify new risks and opportunities to provide a consistent, accurate and forward-looking business outlook.


As organizations face increased pressure to their bottom lines, many are looking to complement or replace their rigid annual budgeting practices with more efficient and repeatable forecasting processes. In addition to risk mitigation, rolling forecasts can model and monitor the impact that shifting volume, reimbursement and cost structures will have on financial outcomes. The resulting forecasts are integrated with the long-term financial plans and operational budgets to ensure the organization’s strategic and tactical planning processes are well informed.

With Axiom's Rolling Forecast solution, organizations can:

  • Enable a consistent, accurate forward-looking business outlook
  • Develop a cadence that aligns to the rhythm of the business versus the accounting calendar
  • Establish relative versus fixed measures that focus on continuous improvement
  • Model and execute course correction throughout the year
  • Focus on what's happening versus the aspirational bias of a desired outcome


“This allows Lee Health to provide individual department-level operating targets via budgeting, while rolling forecasting provides senior leadership the tools to monitor and address issues or events that pull the system off target.”

- Laura Vannarath, Finance Manager At Lee Health


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