Axiom Software enables finance professionals to link market and operational drivers to financial results and improve organizational decision making.

Axiom Software

Integrated Financial Planning and Analysis

Axiom Software provides sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize decision making. Solutions for long-range planning, budgeting and forecasting, reporting and analytics, profitability and cost management are delivered on a single integrated software platform.

Budgeting & Forecasting

The Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting solution enables finance professionals to streamline the financial planning process and link operational drivers to financial results for improved organizational decision making. Planners are able to leverage Axiom to create rolling forecasts to keep a clear eye on the future, while understanding key drivers behind the trends. 

Reporting & Analytics

The Axiom Reporting and Analytics solution is designed to be the financial and operational reporting hub for the entire organization, providing finance and operations professionals, as well as business users, with real-time access to insightful and actionable information. Dashboards and reports can be viewed on any type of web-enabled device.

Profitability & Cost Management

The Axiom Profitability Management solution provides visibility into what’s truly creating or eroding profitability; Finance professionals can quickly and easily create full profit and loss reports (P&Ls) for any profitability segment they choose.










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