Capital Planning

The Axiom Capital Planning and Tracking solution enables organizations to clearly and consistently evaluate capital needs and their associated business benefitstested.


Capital planning is a crucial part of an organization's overall multi-year financial and business planning process. To be effective, decisions regarding where capital should be invested must consider both near-term organizational needs as well as longer-term strategic objectives for the business. Axiom Software integrates and streamlines the financial forecasting, capital planning and tracking processes to deliver the management information you needed to make confident business decisions.

  • Create, evaluate and rank proposed multi-year capital projects based on its return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR); subsequently selecting the best projects based on business goals and capital constraints
  • Manage the capital planning request and approval process with defined workflow, ownership and due dates using the Axiom Software Process Management feature
  • Assess each project’s impact on the balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss (P&L) statement, and be able to alter plan assumptions and quantify the impact of changing market drivers on proposed capital investments
  • Model approved projects that are currently mid-stream and update estimates for time to completion, incremental cost, total cost,etc.


The Axiom Capital Planning & Tracking solution provides a comprehensive view of capital needs, and tools that help rank and score project submissions; enabling consideration of both committed dollars from on-going projects to newly submitted project requests with a discipline that ensures a well aligned and optimized capital planning strategy. This solution also provides dynamic reporting with full-visibility into the approved spend by year, by project, by project type (i.e., infrastructure, strategic, IT) for historic and future years. With visibility into existing capital commitments, executives can make more informed decisions related to new capital requests.



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